Time for Mac?

It was just yesterday that the new MacBook Air was announced and I’m really feeling tempted to betray myself and run to get one, while I still don’t like the apple business ways it hard not to recognize that they are making the hottest gadgets in the market.

What’s happening to the rest of the companies! Cannot come with amazing things yourselves? Is it really possible that there’s only a single company capable of creating perfect beautiful gadgets?

So hating myself I came on-line today and did a quick googling about Mac for developers and unfortunately it seems like all I need is available on a Mac:
PHP, Python, RoR, MySql, Apache, Android, Netbeans, Eclipse etc..

On top of that, the normal suspects that have sadly been missing in my ubuntu for the last year: All the adobe applications and a decent MSOffice.

Is this the time to quit my awesome Ubuntu?


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